akvária, terária, skleněné vitríny

Brilant - akvária, terária, skleněné vitríny


We will satisfy your requirements in the following areas:

• Cutting glass (thickness 2-19 MM), grinding, polishing edges, shape grinding, faceting, engraving, drilling holes (diameters 2-200 MM)
• Assembling shelves, cupboards, tables, showcases, manufacturing of furniture glass, bent glass single or multiple layers, glass floor sheets
• Processing of mirrors, fitted mirrors, mirror walls, safety mirrors
• Safety and bullet-resistant glass Connex (4-60 MM), Restex (hardened glass), wireglass
• Coloured and ornamental glass (bronze, blue, green) and mirrors (bronze, grey, green, golden, blue) and other according to the offers at the world market
• Glass and mirrors sand-blasted, etched according to your specified designs (including coloured areas)
• Insulating doubleglass including installation, soundproof glass, (for the improvement of health conditions in houses, in health service and soon), fire-proof glazing in two ways
• Construction glazing - installation (interiors, facade element, elevator shaft, glazing of light wells, greenhouses, winter gardens and shop-windows)
• Construction and plactic systems, steel construction, production and repair copilit walls
• Multilayered aquariums, terrariums and florariums from capacity of 3 litres to 4000 litres, according to your specified design